Friday, May 04, 2007

Smell the sheep in the wool

Some wools "smell" better than others. Take this new lot of BFL I just got... I just can't stop sniffing it! It seems less processed (and softer) than the last lot, which I had a bit of left to compare with. Same original source, just about six or more months apart! I'm glad I got 6kg of it (wish it had been more now LOL -- spoken like a true wool hoarder!)

It's funny how different batches of the same wool will vary. I have some Pear Tree Merino here that is not like the very first batch I got. It was steamed to bulk it up a bit, and still is creamy soft, but not as much IYKWIM? And not as lustrous either. Fortunately future lots won't be steamed. I look forward to them!

Enough waffling, one last sniff of the BFL and I'm off to bed!

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