Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Last minute Irene

They don't call me Last Minute Irene for nothing. I have just finished some items for Friday's stocking (yes only two days away) and they are drying furiously in front of the heater as we speak! I foresee some late nights ahead...

I don't know why I stockpiled all these longies rather than listing them as they were done (probably because I don't feel the urge to visit my to-be-embellished pile very often)! A couple of pairs still aren't done yet -- "Sugar Gliders" never got finished. I'm keeping that one for next winter. And I didn't have the time to do the fairy penquins on the "Winter Blues" Targhee pair.

I shouldn't be listing longies at this time, but shorties!
TBH I don't think it will sell. So I will have to have the motivation of finishing both pairs for next year.

I don't want to! I want to cast on for Amanda's custom, the wool is just sitting there looking at me...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Here are some of my poultry friends...

The cackleberry (egg) queens Emily (left) and Mabel (right). These girls are finishing off some leftover Weet-Bix as little M is off her food at the moment. They keep us well in eggs, apart from a six-pack bought while we went camping we haven't bought eggs for about 3 years now.

Haven't they grown!!! This is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday chilling under the big lantana bush next to my dye studio. I'm 99% sure we have two roosters, in the front guarding the girls. Caught them play cock-fighting the other day! These guys are a treat to watch :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some new colourways

These and more are previewing now on Ozebaby and will go live next Friday night (31st August) at 7pm Perth time

Splish Splash
Rainbow Tweed
Cheeky Monkey
Crown Jewels
Spring Zing
Spring Fling
Icecream Princess
Enchanted Eggplant
Retro Prince
Bird of Paradise

Friday, August 17, 2007

My brother is a bloody GENIUS!!!

I am now happily writing this post from the living room, thank you very much! Yay yay yay!!! I am wireless! After having the router for more than a month and not being able to get it working, my brother risked the wrath of his wife (they had plans tonight) and made an impromptu technical call to set it all up for us. YOU ROCK SHAW!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Yarn tank

Here's a quick pic of my fish tank -- has a ledge in front perfect for displaying yummy yarn :)

Off to do more dyeing today, close-up pics to come later ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy shopper

Look what I picked up at my local spinning shop (Bilby Yarns, a bit of a drive for me but wonderful shop and amazing service) today:
(don't mind the "mountain of laundry" in the playpen)
Ashford wooden umbrella swift: I've been saving my pennies for a new swift for a while now. I have a plastic umbrella one but really wanted a wooden swift -- mainly because I like working with bigger skeins. This one takes two metre skeins no problems. It's lovely :) Love the feel of wood.

Back-issues that I didn't have of YARN magazine. Have already picked out at least four wanna-knits from them. Including some summer projects.

And a cone of 1-1/2 ply embroidery yarn in darkest brown. Impulse shopping!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Look what just landed at my house:

Lots and lots of TOFUtsies yarn! Knit with soy fibres and chitin -- a fibre from shrimp and crab shells (naturally antibacterial) with warm superwash wool and absorbent cotton. No wonder they call it "A Great Yarn for Socks".

All 30 colours are instock -- some with quirky names like "Put Your Foot Down" (723), "Foot in the Door" (725), "Off on the Right Foot" (718) -- but be quick!

I've got dibs on a few colours already ;)

Slowly listing these on Ozebaby...
(Come out and play, sun!)
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