Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Technology HELL

I don't know where to start!!! It has been one thing after another this month -- NOT happy. I am waiting for the next disaster to strike at this point.
  • Roy (and his sidekick R, I call them Beavis and Butthead) decides to do a complete computer overhaul (his PC is great now, BTW, but we'll get to that in a minute)
  • Mucks around with this modem and that modem -- everything is now networked and I've lost my wireless. Fine, I can drag a LAN line along everywhere.
  • Uhhh, where did the internet go? Call iprimus tech support, listen to crappy elevator muzak.
  • ISP is doing work on the line? A day or two? OK... thanks for the warning, but I suppose I can deal with not having net access on the weekend.
  • It's been four days, what the hell is going on? At this point I don't know or care where the fault is, I just need it fixed. Or at least back the way it was before you two f***ed around with it!!!
  • Right, internet is finally back. Manage to get the old ADSL modem to work on the home PC. I drag out my laptop -- untouched for the past week.
  • It's DEAD. Can't detect a hard drive.
  • Thankfully still under warranty, the last issue I had the replacement part came within one day. But, have I lost everything in the hard drive?? I think so. Did I back up? Of course not.
  • Wrestle B and B off the home PC (stop playing Spring already!) to check email.
  • Frantically trying to catch up. Only, I think I have lost a bunch of those too. I had 27 messages when I checked webmail from the library, but now they are gone. Off the server, into the great unknown. So if you have emailed me in the past week or so please re-send it.

I pull the plug on all technology (I wish)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

cough sniffle moan groan

I've just spent the last two and a half days curled up in bed, drinking endless cups of honey and lemon, and basically feeling like death warmed up! Thankfully Roy has been really good, and so has my mum in taking M, and better still I haven't (yet) spread the derms on -- I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!!!

Things at JJ have basically come to a screeching halt! Some of the sock yarns are up, but there are still more, and all the soaker yarns still have to be listed.

I hope to feel better tomorrow, to catch up on the listings and orders, but right now I'm going back to being miserable. Should have got a flu shot!

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