Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's going on

How sad is this blog?!? Very. The thought crossed my mind to take it off altogether, but that would have entailed some sort of effort... *smirk*

Anyway, sorry for the long stretch of silence. I'm dealing with some personal health issues at the moment; the light is at the end of the tunnel but for now I'm barely keeping things afloat. Haven't been on forums for weeks!

Business is good; there are so many things I need to do but have put off. First priority is to deal with the current orders, so many plans in the head but the lack of time or strength to deal with them. Family coming first.

Still haven't smoked a fag since 1/1/08 -- many times when I've been sorely tempted but thankfully not given in.

To better times ahead... they will come back soon!

PS -- the one thing keeping me sane are the knitting groups -- words can't really express what an impact they're having on my mental stability! Thanks guys, you know who you are.
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