Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Last minute Irene

They don't call me Last Minute Irene for nothing. I have just finished some items for Friday's stocking (yes only two days away) and they are drying furiously in front of the heater as we speak! I foresee some late nights ahead...

I don't know why I stockpiled all these longies rather than listing them as they were done (probably because I don't feel the urge to visit my to-be-embellished pile very often)! A couple of pairs still aren't done yet -- "Sugar Gliders" never got finished. I'm keeping that one for next winter. And I didn't have the time to do the fairy penquins on the "Winter Blues" Targhee pair.

I shouldn't be listing longies at this time, but shorties!
TBH I don't think it will sell. So I will have to have the motivation of finishing both pairs for next year.

I don't want to! I want to cast on for Amanda's custom, the wool is just sitting there looking at me...

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