Sunday, November 04, 2007

Waffle Sunday

M and I are having a lovely day together. Sundays are usually daddy days but daddy's off racing his sports bike round and round and round a racetrack today. Fingers crossed for no broken bones this time ;)

We started off with waffles (M and dad's Sunday brekky) and I didn't too bad. Well little miss polished off a whole waffle by herself! A dob of icecream and honey does the trick. The chooks even got half a waffle from leftover batter. I'm not usually too keen on these but I had a little one for myself too.

Then we went for a little bike ride down to the river and my favourite one-way bridge. At least now M's helmet fits her, it was a little big for Rottnest early this year.

Off to mum's for dinner tonight so princess is having a nap and I get to post...

More yarn pr0n:
(Sebastian, Black Rainbow, Retro Prince, Black Rainbow)
These are some from Friday dye day, the rest aren't dry yet.

And some maiden eggs from the weekday girls! So cute and perfect strong shells; most of the time first eggs are a bit weak but not these! I think the cackleberry queens (Emily and Mabel) will have some competition from the new layers on the block! (oh and the roosters are enjoying their burgeoning maturity too sometimes too too much chook sex! We need to adopt out Saturday there's nothing worse than having two roosters to one yard!)

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