Friday, November 20, 2009

Matilda's NEW diet

We received some really disappointing news yesterday. I feel as though we are taking one step forwards, and two steps back! A bit of history...

A few months ago Matilda was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), high functioning. Roy had done some research on the net and a lot of parents are finding better results with their autistic child on a GF/CF (gluten free, dairy casein free) diet. So we went on the GF/CF diet for about four months, it was a really hard slog. *Everything* seems to have gluten in it... even lollies of all brands. She was having her own packed lunch at daycare, usually extra's from the night before.

Then, we decided to get her tested for food intolerances with the Imupro 100 test. Not cheap, and getting the blood sample wasn't exactly a walk in the park either. So we went back to an unrestricted diet for about a month so that she will have gluten and casein back in her system. The test tests for IgG antibodies to specific foods.

The unrestricted diet was *wonderful*!! We were all much relaxed and happier, and Matilda was making leaps and bounds of progress with her speech and behaviour. She now speaks in full sentences and we can actually have conversations now. She has really blossomed in the past few months.

Well, yesterday the results from the Imupro test came back. Not only is she moderately intolerant to gluten, she is severely intolerant to cow's milk and chicken eggs (goodbye, chooks)! And also, she is moderately intolerant to tomatoes and bizarrely, watermelon. She is even slightly intolerant to rice, which is a staple of our gluten-free diet.

Now, I am not a great cook. I have about five or six dishes in my repertoire and that's it. With the new diet, two more dishes are now out of bounds -- spaghetti bolognese (with gluten free pasta) and quiche (with no pastry or really expensive GF pastry). And baked beans, her very favourite. I just don't know what to cook anymore, especially knowing that she has a slight intolerance to rice as well!!

So, feeling a bit lost and desperate at the moment...


Shannon said...

Oh hun, that's so hard. TBH, from my point of view though, if you were all more relaxed and happier during an unrestricted diet period, perhaps that is the route for your family through this part of your journey? A gluten intolerance does not make a coeliac issue of stomach cancer. An intolerance does not bring the same issues as an allergy.

What is your main reasons for using a restricted diet? If it is to aid Matilda with her development, temperment and family harmony, perhaps you are not aiding this with a restricted diet?

Go with your guy hun. I'm sure you know what feels best for your family.

Lola said...

Oh Irene that sounds so stressful for you and M....

i agree wieth Shannon, do what feels right for you and M, if a restricted diet is stressing you out you will be stressed out with M and it will turn into a vicious cycle.

many hugs L

Anonymous said...

((hugs)) Irene. Have you looked into the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or Gut and Psychology Syndrome at all?
We are doing the SCD with our 3yro because he has bad gut health. Anyway, that aside, I just mentioned it because when we began I was utterly overwhelmed with trying to think of what the hell to eat on such a limited diet, but then came across so many websites with lots of great recipes that I certainly wouldn't have thought of on my own!! LOL

Here's a few, jic they may be of use to you :)
Pecan Bread
SCD Recipe
SC Diet
Milk For The Morning Cake

Much love xox

Ann said...

I am not a good cook too & understand how you feel. But with time, you will become creative with the limited ingredients that you have. I have been on a no meat diet for the past 2 years & now quite good in creating delicious vege meals.

Irene said...

Shannon, LOL I think your typo hit the nail on it's head!

"Go with your guy hun."

I don't necessarily agree with everything we are doing to M's diet, but R is hell-bent on doing whatever he can to help. He highly suspects he is autistic himself and doesn't want M to suffer the way he had to growing up. Plus he's a guy, he needs to fix things :P

Honestly though, I wish I could turn back time and not get that test. We were GF/CF for four to five months, had egg, tomato, rice, and watermelon in her diet, and there were NO negative signs. But now that we've paid for the test he feels like he has to use the information.

Anyway, we are doing OK with the extra restrictions. Going back to GF/CF was a bit easier coz we'd done it before. The range of my cooking has expanded a little bit and I hope to try a new dish each week.

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