Monday, February 08, 2010

Do ya think I need to lose weight???!

Matilda came home with some kindy art today.

Here is a painting of daddy:

And, here is mummy!:

Seriously though, Roy and I are like Jack Sprat and his wife. He can't get fat no matter what he eats whereas I have to exercise and watch every bite I eat. It's OK though, in May last year I was up to 76kg, with 44% body fat! (I have a cool set of scales that somehow measure body fat percentage). A couple of years ago at my mum's wedding all the guests thought that I was pregnant..

Right now I'm hovering around 65-66kg, with a body fat of about 33%. Gotta be happy with that :) Actually I didn't really do much to get to this weight, just being a bit more conscious of our diets.

This is what exercise I'm doing now:
* 15 minute ride to and from kindy twice a week.

* (Hopefully), swimming laps after M's weekly swimming class (I plan on swimming with her for a while after the class then into creche while I get back into the swimming -- it's such a great form of relaxation)
* Running around like a mad woman whenever I can, cleaning, dyeing, whatever.
* Sunday kneeboarding at the river.
* Consciously trying to use the car a lot less.

It's not much but I can't really go to the gym or pool, our schedules just don't allow that.

My goal is; I want to get below 60kg, but would be really thrilled if I can make it to 55kg.


Ann said...

Losing 10 kgs is good. I also put on weight easily & always had to watch what I eat. Good luck with the weight loss.

Sasha said...

Great work!! You can do iiit!! :D I'm trying hard too - it's tough work, but so worth it in the end :)

I find kids often draw the non-physical parts of people - so maybe you've got a big personality and a strong presence? :D

Anonymous said...

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