Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Spring Swap

Gah. Another visit into NC has just reminded me that the Spring Swap is to be received next week sometime. I've hit a big bump in the road I'm afraid. One half is finished but the other half just isn't going very well.

When I signed up I was soooo looking forward to creating a special wooly item but alas it was not to be! Let's just say my swappee doesn't need any woolies! (there's a couple of reasons for this but I can't divulge these or I'll give the game away). So I had to think extra hard! I should have just bought something from another WAHM who could better fulfil this swappee's needs, but I didn't. And now it's too late to order something, so I hope she's not TOO disappointed with what I came up with.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nah Irene, she will love what ever you make or send.

It's not the receiveing its the giving :)

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