Sunday, December 17, 2006

I LOVE this yarn!

Progress pic of the "Balloons Over Sunset" capris I'm working on. I love this yarn! It makes me want to knit more, and more and more... I only cast on late last night before trying (and failing miserably) to go to sleep. So today I've been knitting like crazy. At this point I'm thinking capris (as there was 120g in this lot and I want to get to the yellow). The other ball of 150g shown will be an instock yarn I think - enough for a pair of longies (depending on how you knit the legs).

For the legs, I knit about ten rounds at a time and then break the yarn and switch to the other leg for another ten rounds etc. Because of the gradualness of the colour change this works really well and you don't have to have two balls. When the yellow bit comes I might do five rounds or something.

The dye job turned out exactly as I'd hoped :) With my gradient dyeing technique it's possible to get reaaally gradual colour transitions which I think is the beauty of the yarn... also love the flecking in the colours. I plan on continuing the gradient from the red-orange on the waistband up to a deep red on the t-shirt shoulders (batik) in the set.

Oooh so excited!
I really should be concentrating on personal knitting like I'm supposed to, but I'm waiting for the yarn for Miss M's 1st Crumpets birthday dress to arrive. Have to have that finished by Jan 19th. And of course baby needs new crawling shorts! I was just watching her practice this morning and planning the next pair for her, in hardy Utiku Seaweed (which I won't be too precious about) with a colourful cartoon caterpillar going up the leg (coz at the moment she's exactly like a caterpillar inching along and munching on leaves etc hehee)

Matilda's great at commando crawling... at swimming this morning she had crawled across the mat and almost to the edge before I'd had a chance to get there myself! But in the past week or so she's been really practicing her "baby pushups" and rocking. She's about to rev off, we've pretty much taken care of all the low cupboards *fingers crossed*

Mother's group Chrissy breakfast tomorrow. The Rudolph Batik Baby rompers were for two of the boys Jerra and Sebi (secret santa). These didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped (I was crunched for time and didn't let the wax heat hot enough). I made two, each one has their name batik'ed onto the shoulder. I hope they like them!

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