Monday, December 25, 2006


I thought I'd post pics of some UFO's I just unearthed, in the hope that it'll motivate me to finally finish them...

First, this is a lace cape in Brown Sheep Nature Spun sportsweight. It's finished (and has been for years), I've just never got around to lace blocking it! How sad is that... I plan on blocking it out on the bed when we go away.

Second, a pair of knee-high stockings in the same wool. First stocking is almost done (only the toe to knit). Only the fold-down cuff on the second stocking is done. This is almost like a kilt hose, soooo warm!

Third, a cabled aran sweater. Knit in Fisherman's Wool (worsted weight). Both sleeves are done and I'm halfway through the back.

All these projects are more than five years old!

Better pics (in natural light) is on it's way.


Tracy said...

What a great Idea. I'll have to copy and put up my UFO's Half a snake, a mohair jumper (9 years!) a baby blanket ummm I don't know what else is there. How itchy are the stockings to wear? If they aren't I may have to make some too. It's so cold here.

Irene said...

Looking forward to seeing other peoples' UFO gallery.

The stockings are fantastic, not itchy at all but I don't have sensitive skin or anything. VERY warm to wear, I wish it would get cold here a bit more often!!

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