Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Off the needles

Some recently-finished projects...

Roy's birthday-slash-Christmas socks :P One sock was finished just in time for his June birthday and the other sock finished at 3am Christmas Eve LOL. The yarn is OnLive, a self-striping fairisle sock yarn.

Matilda's crawling shorts in Utiku Seaweed. I still have to do the cartoon caterpillar crawling up the leg but the knitting's done and she's been wearing it (sans elastic! what a funny sight...). I used Utiku as I don't want to be too precious about it, she can use it in the garden, the mud, whatever. Most of all, the little the muckypup can use it while eating (self-feeding: favourite new form of food intake).

I'm sure there's a couple more, I will dig them up and add to the list so I can see my own progress :)

1 comment:

Kat said...

oh congrats on completeing the other sock! Roy will be happy!
and glad to see you have made something for matilda :) they look great!

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