Sunday, October 07, 2007

I just want to knit

I am so itching to step away from the keyboard and knit knit knit! Here are the projects calling my name at the moment:
  • Knitting Needle Knitting Bag -- in a grape purple (cheapo Spotlight 8ply wool, 2 strands), with bamboo knitting needles and a gorgeous Russian Doll fabric in lilac/pink for the lining. The berry stitch is beautiful front and back.
  • Cabled socks (my pattern) for Roy in TOFUtsies 722 Stand on Your Own Two Feet -- for summer.
  • Hedera for moi in TOFUtsies 784 "A Walk in the Park" -- blimey it's limey! I chose Hedera because the pattern is very similar to "Gull Wings" from Socks Socks Socks that I made years ago, nostalgic knitting!
  • A lace sweater for my mum in (yuck) Zhivago. The pattern is beautiful (from Creative Knitting mag) but I'm hating the yarn. Should I persevere or give up and make her a lace shawl instead? We'll see.
  • Rainy Day Socks for Matilda to match mine (I used two strands TOFUtsies for mine, will use one strand for M's in leftover yarn)
Anyway, whine over. Back to work.

1 comment:

Lucky-1 said...

I had a look at the "Rainy day" socks and have printed the pattern off and saved the site as well:D

Those socks look lovely.

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