Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Walking Matilda

Mummy got her Christmas wish early this year... December 10th!

All I want for Christmas is for Tilda to walk
For Tilda to walk
See my daughter walk?!

M has been so very very close to taking independent steps for a long time now. She loves to walk with us holding her hand, but thus far when we let go she sits down. Well, a stunning breakthrough happened on Monday night. She let go, walked to Roy (3 or 4 steps). Then back to me. Then back to Roy. Then back to me. The best thing is she repeated it! It brought tears to my eyes as we've been waiting for this for so very long! Just one and a bit months shy of her 2nd birthday :)

I love you sugarplum! You are such a clever little monkey *smooooooch*


Susanne's House Of Wool said...

What a wonderful Christmas Present.
Enjoy every step.

Shona said...

Oh such wonderful news! Congratulations Irene and Matilda!

Anonymous said...

Oh Irene that is just beautiful :)

Well done Miss M!!!

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