Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sock it to me

May I introduce, our latest batch of sock yarns:

Stained Glass Solids

on Fleece Artist Sea Wool.
The colour and shiny yarn combo is fantastic... just like spun gold. I thought about calling this one "Rumplestilskin" but "Coolgardie" (a gold mining town in WA) seemed more fitting.

on Fleece Artist Casbah.
... oh the drape!
Also available on Hercules.

on Fleece Artist Somoko.
Just like your favourite pair of blue jeans!

on Casbah.
A base of raspberry pink is topped with blues, resulting in a vivid violet semi-solid yarn.

on Hercules
Rich, earthy shades of brown topped with dark dirt.

on Hercules.
Fizzy, fun semi-solid with a base of peachy yellow and layered with delicious raspberry.

on Hercules.
It's lime, it's violet. Could it be "L & V"? Colourway inspired by my indie yarn swap partner.

on Hercules.
Have you ever seen or tasted blue corn? Red corn? It's yummy! Try it in corn chips :)
(my dear footy-mad partner wanted to call this one "Brisbane Lions"... no way jose!)

on Hercules.
Rich, sophisticated jewel tones of teals, fuschia and purple.

on Hercules.
Go on, have a fling of this colourway.
Candy floss pink, pastel limes and lemon, with sherbet orange.

on Hercules.
Dyed in short colour repeats for a mottled effect with reduced pooling.

on Hercules.
Rich, saturated hues of teal, marine and purple with the occasional white cap.

on Hercules.
Not a terribly imaginative name, but there is no other way to describe this colourway.
Dark mints, delicious chocs, and swirls of creamy french vanilla.

on Hercules.
Imagine a trek in the shadowy forest... many shades and hues of green merge with browns in an organic manner. Dyed to give a mottled effect when knit.

on Hercules.
Glittering rubies, sapphires and emeralds.
on Hercules.
Zingy chartreuse and lime, surrounded by cool aqua and accents of purple.

on Hercules (slight seconds)
One of our most popular colourways translated into sock yarn.
Bright, clear colours of the rainbow accented in with the darkest deepest black, placed randomly along the rainbow spectrum.

Now for the cryptic bit:
"gnineve yadirF no pu dekaens eb lliw nraY"

(if that's too cryptic for you, you could always just sign up to the JJ mailing list!)


Anonymous said...

*drool* they look fabby!!!!

Might have to drop hints to JA for my bday LOL

Look here...


Austy's Mum said...

Ahhhhhh! Why didn't I see that choc mingt earlier... it's THE most gorgeous colourway I have seen!!! *SUPERdrooooooool!*

The SPlish Splash is knitting up beautifully though, making it super quick as I just can't drag myself away from the beautifully cheerful colour.

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