Friday, November 28, 2008

First pictures

We had a sneaky hen who's been hiding her stash of eggs, and the first we knew about it was when we heard the cheeping of little chicks. She started off with six chicks but two of them didn't make it.

Here's the first pictures of the little chicklets:

And now all the other ladies are getting broody again (in two separate nest sites). One nest site is in the corner of my dye studio and there's three of them on there! Whenever I get too close while dyeing they show their displeasure... One of them even attacks me! I don't know, maybe having chicks is the latest vogue in Chooktopia ROFL


Unknown said...
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Ann said...

They are so cute & I am sure Matilda will love playing with them.

Irene said...

The mumma chicken won't let anyone near them, which is a good thing because Abby's son James was around the other day and he looooooves chickens and just wanted to hold them and play with them!

It will be hard to let them go but I think we will have to sell them in a couple of weeks as we have way too many chickens as it is

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