Saturday, December 06, 2008


Right now, I don't know whether to cry, or cry even harder. The tears have been flowing as have the swear words. Let me explain...

I had a lovely morning with the family, and looking forward to Citinits at 2.30pm. I had a couple of skeins of yarn to wind first though, to take along for various people.

The first two skeins of sock yarn went very well. OK, now I'm ready to tackle the 200g skein of laceweight 50% merino 50% silk (ie. very expensive yarn). I was planning a huge shawl with this yarn, it's equivalent to Zephyr Jaggerspun and just gorgeous.

Well, it didn't go so well. Pictured above are the results three hours and many tears/swear words/knots later... (the photo doesn't show the true colour of the yarn, which is "Grapeful Dead" and purpley grape)

I'm too depressed (and too late) to go to the knitting group now. And I missed out on swimming with M and R as well as I refused to give up on all that lovely yarn. Which is not so lovely right now. If I was cruel enough to torture some other poor knitter with the mess I'd put it up for free on the Australian Knitters group on Ravelry. But I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. So I want to burn it or something. A nuclear bomb would be nice too.

Silk! Merino! Laceweight! 200g! RUINED!!!

Think I should have stayed in bed today. Oh well at least I learnt a lesson and that's not to dye such big skeins of laceweight, and to unwind into a ball before reskeining in case there's a tangle. I hate myself right now. Even more than I hate that pile of beautifully coloured yarn.


she knits said...

Oh Irene,
I am SO sorry your day has been ruined, Luckily God makes a brand new fresh one for you tomorrow. It is SUCH gorgeous yarn as well :(
It is a shame but life is too short to let the hurt sit too long. Big ((Hugs))

Lucky-1 said...

Oh sweetie, huge hugs to you.

Frog said...

Love the colour of that laceweight!

If you do decide to toss it, I'd be happy to take it off your hands and attempt to unravel it. Sometimes I just don't have the concentration to knit but still want to do something involved with my hands.

Ann said...

We do miss you yesterday. Don't fret about the yarn, just pass it to me as my daughter is really good with unravelling tangles. She had done a lot for me before I bought the yarn winder.

Irene said...

Thanks guys for your soothing words. I actually slept quite well last night, as I listed the yarn on the AK group on Rav and someone snapped it up. I hope she's successful and enjoys knitting with the yarn.

I am feeling so much better that I am looking forward to re-dyeing in four separate skeins this time.


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