Thursday, December 21, 2006

Matilda's huge night soaker

I was lucky enough to have Rach dye me up some Four Bags Full Merino in the superbright colours of pink, green and purple. I've been meaning to do a night soaker for M and thought I'd try being a happy hooker and crocheting one. From this pattern:

I made it extra large because I was planning on felting it to make it even more waterproof. Well, it didn't work! The wool is actually superwash (chemically treated to make it machine washable without shrinking). So now M is in bed with a huge VBSN bubble butt with a monster soaker on top (I don't think she'll ever outgrow this one LOL)... with a matching huge wool booster (which also didn't felt)!

Whatever works... :)


Tracy said...

Looks good. I did the same thing with a soaker I knitted for Lilly from possum/merino. Thought It would shrink and no it won't!. Lilly still wears it.

Irene said...

The booster definitely didn't shrink even though I *punished* it with three hot washes.. if anything it grew! Might have to frog that one..

I'm happy to have an easy care soaker anyway ;)

Kaz said...

i still think it's brilliant
even if the story is funny

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