Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dawn of the cape

(Knitter's magazine, spring 2001)

What a difference a good blocking makes!
From this:To this:

I pinned out the cape on the bed when we went away on holidays. The reason it had sat unfinished for so long is that I never had a bed big enough to block it. I had to do a rush-job as there was still packing to do for an early ferry. It's not perfectly blocked (I didn't steam press it as I wasn't 100% happy with the overall shape, I will re-block and steam press when I wash it next) but it got done. Finally. One down, two to go (UFO).

The beauty of lace doesn't reveal itself until it's been properly blocked. I still have to get just the right buttons (3) for the front. I couldn't afford a handpainted yarn when I knit it in the deserts of Central Oregon, so I chose Brown Sheep Nature Spun sport. I got a 500g cone of it and am knitting the rest of the wool into knee-high stockings. Too bad I won't get much wear out of them, as Perth doesn't get quite as cold as Alfalfa OR!

:'( <--- one very homesick knitter


Kat said...

wow that is stunning! blocking works it;s magic huh?

tikki said...

Irene, that is beautiful!! A gorgeous cape; well worth the effort. Wishing you cold weather; the last time I was in Perth it was an unseasonal 13 degrees (winter)

Bec said...

Absolutely gorgeous - I think half the fun of lace is in the blocking :) You must be a patient one as I would have blocked it straight away to see that beautiful lace! Great job! :)

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