Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm like an expectant mother!

My latest book purchase:
Well we have decided that it's time to move on and give love to another dog. Last year was very difficult in that we lost two dogs to the green dream (euthanasia). Lulu was a paraplegic and Missy was just really, really old. Our hearts have been healing, and now that we finally have a proper front gate installed, we feel it's time. So after our holidays this summer we are going to visit Poundwatch for a four-legged friend.

I've already found a few projects from this book I'd love to knit, but am holding off till we find the right friend, he/she could be any breed, any size.

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Ann said...

That's exciting - having a new addition to the family. We lost all 3 of our doggies 7 years ago before we moved to Perth & still not ready to take on another.

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