Friday, October 24, 2008

Wonky Cat

Wonky Cat is doing really, really well. She still walks around with her head tilted to one side, looking like she's saying "Huh? What's up?". I hope her neck doesn't hurt too much. She does take a lot of naps like she used to. Then mean old mumma walks in with a pill hidden in her hand and proceeds to get all her skin scratched off trying to administer the med's!

Sox is eating a LOT, which I'm very happy about. Must be the pred... And she can go to the loo too, which I am *really* happy about!

Last night she looked quite unsteady on her feet, usually she has her back legs spread wider to balance better but last night she was just wobbling around and falling over. She is better today though.

Wanting some Dine cat food whereas usually she just eats dry cat food. She'll just lick all the juices off the canned stuff and then we can give the leftovers to the chooks. Whatever makes my girl happy! She will be much happy when the pills are gone, although is getting used to the sneaky mumma attack ;-P

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