Sunday, October 19, 2008


My baby had a stroke on Friday night :*( :*( :*(

My best friend Sox (at least 16 years old, probably a bit more) was holding her head tilted down to one side, and sort of stumbling around on the bed. After a call to the emergency vet then a sleepless night we took her to where I used to work as a vet nurse.

Dr M is a good vet, and he diagnosed her as having a stroke on the brain near the inner ear drum. The part that co-ordinates balance etc. May have been caused by an ear infection, though she doesn't have history. He says Sox is probably feeling a bit nauseaus at the moment like sudden seasickness. Thankfully she will most likely get better over time; it will always be there but there should be improvements. Phew!

She's on prednisolone and Clavulox bid, both very fun to administer --- NOT! I have scratches to prove it. I'm a bit out of practice with the pill-giving but hopefully getting better. The pred will increase her appetite too. Which is good as she is all skin and bones now :( When Roy first met her she used to be a very amply-girthed cat, but not any more.

Send healing thoughts to my girl, I need her around a while longer yet!



Anonymous said...

oh no Irene :(
So sorry, sending some healing vibes to your kitty.

Take care xo

Ann said...

So sorry to hear about your cat. Hope she will be better soon with your tender loving care.

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