Sunday, August 30, 2009

Open heart surgery

I haven't posted for so long, I don't think anyone is reading anymore. Anyhow...

This is Sadie:

She is a circa 1990's (???) Ashford "Motorized Spinner" that I recently purchased off the first and only owner. I have been resisting learning to spin for so long, always saying "not till Matilda goes to school", but I had to give in. I bought a drop spindle but was horrible at it, the spindle wouldn't spin for very long before changing directions.

So when Sadie came up for sale in the Hand Spinners and Weavers Guild newsletter, I snapped her up. She's great to spin on, but a little bit like driving an automatic as opposed to a manual car.

Two nights ago, her motor just seized. Roy had a look at it and says the motor is stuffed. Fortunately it was labelled "Sewing Motor" so we've found a place in Perth that services and sells parts for sewing machines. I'm looking forward to heading there tomorrow, and hopefully Roy can wire in her new heart. I've been going bonkers the last couple of days; have some lovely hand-dyed fibre to spin for a swap, but no wheel.


Bec said...

Still reading Irene ;-)
And very jealous!! Hoping all goes well with Sadie's surgery and she has a quick and uneventful rehabilitation!

Lucky-1 said...

You go girl!!!! Hope your able to fix your new friend and yo have many hours together.

Ann said...

I am also still reading. Have really missed you at City Nits & hope to see you soon.

Sasha said...

Still reading too!

Oooh motorised wheel, hey?
Hope you get your up and cranking along again soon :)

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