Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Phoebe and Pandora

(I have been so slack at posting on my blog lately, not for lack of stuff to post but for lack of computer time -- hopefully this will change once I save up enough $$ for a laptop as our computer is away from the main living area)

I am sooo excited, Phoebe has landed. As has her big sister, Pandora. These are both Pear Tree Australian ultrafine merino wools. Phoebe is the 8ply version and I am stoked to also have Pandora, the 12ply. Honestly, I have never felt anything so soft, not even cashmere! The wools are lofty but very light so there's a surprising large amount (yardage) of yarn per 100g. One wool snob (LOL) described this wool as "about 10 times softer than the Treliske" and I would have to wholeheartedly agree. I've just finished a custom Flirty Skirty with BFL for the skirt and Phoebe for the undersoaker, and I kid you not the BFL feels like straw in comparison!!! (and we all know what a nice soft wool BFL is). I love how it takes dye too.

You won't believe it's not a superwash wool (superwash wools have a coating that removes the wool's outer scales hence preventing felting/feeling softer than non-superwash counterparts). Pear Tree Merino yarns aren't superwashed.

I'm so keen for people to try this wool (it's usually exported to boutique yarn stores in New York and beyond and kind of bypasses the Aussie market) that I will have it available at Jolly Jumbuck @ Ozebaby for a low introductory price of $16.50/100g (undyed). It's the creme de la creme of wools and is heavenly to knit with!

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Austysmum said...

I just went and ordered some from somewhere else as it seems I missed this lot. I would have preferred to support a wahm though... maybe next time, but I am an impatient knitter and once one project is finished I am itching to start the next...

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