Thursday, March 22, 2007

WIP: Fairy Curly Pants

(I told Susan not to look in my blog until these were finished LOL!)

I was sent 100g of lovely aran BFL dyed by another WAHM with a mission to make something for winter that was "girly" but not too "girly"! I needed more wool for the longies, so for the waistband and ruffles I chose the 12ply Pandora (Pear Tree Merino) as it is creamily soft and heaven to knit with. I love knitting with BFL too (that's why I accepted the custom in the first place LOL) , so I thought the two luxe wools would make a nice knitting experience for the custom.

It was a challenge to find the perfect match for Ali's wool! Different dyers = different wool, different dyes and different techniques! I found some other colourways (and future projects) in getting there, but finally managed to get a nice match in lilac. The two yarns took dye very differently, here they are side-by-side.

I knit 2" of a Curly Purly waistband in Pandora then switched to the BFL for the pleats and body. I wanted a wide leg look so I'm very gently flaring out the legs. I'm knitting both legs at the same time. A very timely package from Canada has just arrived with three pairs of 5.5mm 30cm Addi's -- two for me and one for Lucretia.

I'm not convinced that there will be enough BFL to knit to longies length but TBH the ruffles I'm planning on finishing them off in look better on capris anyway. Put them on longies and they might fit great for a while but as we know kids grow up and taller. I think an obvious and ruffly hem might look a bit odd when the legs are just a bit too short for longies but too long for capris. Does that make sense?

The progress so far...(front):

There are some darker flecks in there that I'm not sure what to do with. I might try to enhance them by embroidering a row of lavenders by the creek??? I'm not sure. My other idea was a fairy theme.

The idea is to have a set with a long-sleeve Bonds dyed and felt appliqued raglan tee, with a pair of Huggalugs if they end up being capris.

UPDATE: Well it took a while for me to get completed project pic up here (I was so eager to send these off that I forgot to take pics!) Here are the capris on the adorable Sabrina:
I had enough wool to make a matching "Minies" keychain:


Austysmum said...

This looks great! The curly waistband looks like a neat fit. I have been wondering whether or not to make a curly purly soaker or a pair of longies for the winter.

Are you still selling the Peat Tree Merino 12ply? I had been planning on buying some from you as soon as I finished my first set of capris as I wanted to make the picky pants pattern next. (Have been overjoyed with how easy it is to knit in the round and never want to make a seamed soaker egain!) But when I went to order, all your yarns had dissapeared. Also missed out (twice!) on the dye kits which I was hoping to get my hands on. Are you going to restock or was it a one off?

Irene said...

Curly Purly rocks! I sort of delayed getting this license but loving knitting the waistband -- I'm up to number seven :) Definitely give it a try, it doesn't eat up yarn (enclosed waistband, especially wide like I like them), and garments will fit a long time -- fold over the rib for a smaller bub, while adding extra rise when your child is nearing to outgrowing the width of the longies/soaker.

Yes I am still selling the Pear Tree Merino. I had a long chat to my supplier today about their lovely lovely wool, and placed another 3kg order!

You can email me about the undyed yarns if you like, there's heaps. And the dye kits too ;)


Irene said...

lucretia said...

They look great Irene! :-)

My needle arrived yesterday, thank you so much.

Irene said...

you're welcome Lucretia :)

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