Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The JJ family is moving! (fingers crossed)

... into much larger new digs that happen to be zoned rural!

Here's the proposed animal head count so far:
  • We've got three chooks at the moment, let's just say they will be getting some new friends and having a much bigger space to free-range.
  • Both Roy and I also agree on getting some ducks. Oh how I've missed the company of ducks!
  • I think we should have one or two sheep. R's grudgingly agreed :)

Our only immediate neighbour is a horse. I plan on going to meet him when we move in. Maybe he would like an alpaca friend? I think the paddocks next door are for agistment!

Talk about counting my chickens before they hatch! So far our offer has been accepted pending sale of our current house. It was listed on the web yesterday and this morning I went out to get the mail only to find a new for sale sign on our front yard. Reality hits! Much cleaning and decluttering and painting to do. A couple came to see it this evening!

So, please cross all your fingers and toes for us!

The best thing, I finally get my dream dye studio!! WOOHOO! (9 months in the begging/pleading/dyeing messily in the kitchen phase LOL)


Tanya said...

sound gorgeous Irene. I'm also thinking of going rural too. I want a cow and a goat, and some chickens.

Austysmum said...

Congratulations on the offer being accepted and best of luck with the selling... hopefully we'll be in your shoes soon, but until then we are scrutinising real estate pages and fixing up our house.

That dye studio sounds awesome! Lucky you!

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