Thursday, December 09, 2010

Ah, the perils of anonymous comments

I just had to share this comment I recently got on one of my posts, the spam filter missed it. 

I give birth to infer from a only one of the articles on your website at this very moment, and I extremely like your line of blogging. I added it to my favorites net period roster and disposition be checking promote soon. Divert check out of order my put as ok and leave to me be familiar with what you think. Thanks.
Hilarious, no???  I have NO idea what it's supposed to mean, or what the native language of the person/bot (more likely) leaving it, but I just found it funny to try to decipher.

All jokes aside, people, please please please (OK three's my limit for begging) leave me some comments!  I'd like to know who's reading this lonely old blog.  I want to try to link up to other blogs (I've seen "blog rolls" on others' blogs) but can't quite work it out yet.  Teknologically challenged is what I am.  So go ahead and give me some hints eh?


Trudi said...

Your blog isn't too lonely, I read it! You are a better blogger than me, I just about never update my blog anymore. Need to start being better at it.

happymuppet said...

I love your blog mate. xx

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