Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sick as a dog...

...(Dog! Stop eating my sick!!)  GRYPH!  COME HERE NOW!!!

We've had a spectacular run of gross, gushing V&D this past week.  (That's, for the blissfully inexperienced stands for vomit and diarrhoea). :P

It started with a great day at the Variety Club Xmas party.  Spectacular rides (with M's favourite being the pirate ship slide, even though there were lots of kids she asserted herself when she needed to!), face painting (rainbow butterfly to match her rainbow Rainbow Dress and Pinwheel Sunhat), AND a circus!  We'd gone to the Joseph Ashton Circus before, they're always touring around Perth; that was a few years ago.  Interesting to see them grown up a bit, what a family enterprise!  And a lot, a lot, a lot of food.  There were sandwiches and R was telling me he overheard a lady asking for gluten-free food and was basically laughed at.  So we let her indulge.

Later that night, four or five times of Matilda just waking up, big hurl, change bed change sheets change PJ's, and then pretty much go back to sleep again til the next vomit.  And horrid, horrid poos in the morning.

Well a couple of days later it's my turn.  Nothing says class more than driving down Welshpool Rd in peak hour, discreetly (ah, you think?!) dry-retching into a Kleenex tube... I just wanted to get home.  And 5pm I'm in bed curled up under two doonas but still freezing.  Thank you Roy for stepping up and taking care of Matilda tonight despite your mate being here xoxo.

Ate some leftover dinner, ten minutes later it's out.  And Gryph is feasting.  Ugh!

End of comfort blogging.  I might have the man-flu.

TMI?  Ya think!

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