Sunday, December 05, 2010

Muggles in my studio

Urgh. I have the heeby-jeebies at this moment in time. Roy's parents are here for an *extremely rare* visit, and he and his dad are taking apart something in my studio! I need to get in there and dye. Instead I am sitting here feeling wierd that there are muggles in my studio poking around. MY space! MINE MINE MINE!!!

To fill out this post, some recent pics of little Diva Princess (so much so in the past couple of weeks) modeling some recent and not-so-recent FO's.
A "Flirty Skirty" (more than three years old!)  in APHRODITE (never shaved, good as new!), with a couple of "Rainbows and Ringlets" tops
Geisha Girl:  an "In-Threes" with ATHENA Monochromal Gradual Gradient in "My Sweet Valentine"
"Ningaloo Maxi" Super-twirly in Dec 2010 yarn club, dress is in yarn boot camp! (used, abused, washed carelessly)
"Citrus Garden" in hand-dyed ARTEMIS (BWM cotton 8ply), definitely a pattern to be repeated (longer length, cotton shrinks)
An IvyAnna test knit from Zanz 10ply dishcloth cotton

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