Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hey there chickie babes

I've been thoroughly crook the past few days, to the point that *shock horror* the thought of knitting anything just makes me want to throw up (no I'm not preggers LOL)

So when Roy dragged me and M out for a drive on Saturday I wasn't as enthusiastic as I might have been.

But we came home with 7 little chicklets, they are Barnevelder breed. They were only a week old at the time. Only 3-4 days later and we can already see they've noticeably grown.

I call them Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Only we can't tell which is which yet. That is, apart from Sunday who's a bit redder than the rest and had an unfortunate scrape with the puppy on Sunday, losing a tail in the process :( :( But he's healed really well and is still the most boisterous of the bunch.

Well at least we hope he's a boy there's no way of knowing at this point (apparently chicken experts can sex chicks at a day old but I ain't no chicken expert!!) We hope to have mostly hens and only one rooster so might have to adopt out the other boys when the time comes.

It's gorgeous having chicks again. Once upon a time in the freezing Central Oregon early spring I was living in a caravan and was raising them in the caravan! Gosh did it stink. Not to mention we had to run the generator for long periods to power the heat lamp. Yes we were off the grid, and living on solar power. I think I was a little crazy back then...


Tanya said...

i'm so jealous, they are so cute and I love their names

Irene said...

Chooks are great :) We haven't bought eggs for about two years now, and only with two ex-battery hens!~

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