Friday, June 29, 2007

The derms, the derms!

(from Weebl and Bob, a hilarious webtoon featuring two eggs)

Honestly, we have never been so sick so often. Matilda's daycare to blame. She just picks up every little bug that goes around and then shares the love at home! Fortunately she has a pretty strong constitution (yay for breastfeeding) so after the derms hop onto us she's always the first to shrug it off... only to sit back and watch mummy and daddy suffer with blocked noses, dead tastebuds and racking coughs.

Daycare is proving to be a mixed blessing. She's at a lovely one that really emphasises one-on-one caregiver attachments. Downsides are the derms, and they are starting to show an aversion to using cloth during the day there. They provide awesome meals and the caregivers are sweethearts. Matilda gets to socialise with other kids and Mummy gets time to take care of business.

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