Tuesday, June 12, 2007

She works hard for her money

(post written on non-internet laptop evening of June 7th)

I have been so slack at blogging, there's just so many other things that need to be done when I hop on the computer. So I thought I would write in the laptop in bed and then transfer it online when I get the time.

Being a WAHM isn't all fun and games! It's now almost midnight and I've just spent the last 14 hours dyeing up 4.25kg (yikes!) of wool. My back is killing me and my hands look ready to crack. My fingernails are coloured and hangnails are ouch.

It was interesting trying to dye so much wool without proper facilities. The dye studio is slowly being built (concrete pad poured, metal posts are up). I have this great stainless steel dyeing bench that Roy picked up at auction so that was moved slightly into the shed (it was raining hard today) and I used a camping stove in a pinch.

I'm pretty happy with the results though. Some of it has been slated for other projects, but most of it is destined for the shop. There's a great mix of wools in there -- Pandora 12ply Pear Tree Merino (drool), Tara worsted Targhee hot from the US (OMG I call this the Brawny wool it's soooo thick and thirsty), a few skeins of Achilles superwash merino sock yarn, Athena Aran BFL, supersoft Venus "singles" merino and some Lucinda 12ply for the budget conscious.

I've come up with lots of new colourways I hope you will enjoy. I think I will have a Wild Woolly Weekend soon :)

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