Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wednesday go buh-bye :(

Something terrible happened on Wednesday arvo and I've been trying to soldier on and trying not to think about it and keeping busy with the business and stuff.

One of the chicks must got out from their daytime pen and disappeared. There are lots of crows about so DP reckons that's what took it. There's a foot and a half of mesh all around the chainlink pen so it must have flown up and squeezed through the chainlink. We were so sad to lose one, we're getting rather attached to them. We went around the place holding another chick to give alarm calls hoping W would answer but no luck :(

I can recognise three of the others now, Sunday (with his tailed all healed), Friday (the darkest and most feathered) and Tuesday (some feathers stick out of the half-feathered feathered/half-downy wing, really cute).

They are growing so much and have an insatiable appetite! They've been really bored lately because it's been raining so much we haven't been able to let them out during the day. Then last night there was a fracas and two of them flew out of the box. So we've transferred them to a much bigger box, which DP's new pocket bike (yuck yuck yuck I hate it) came in.

It's so nice to watch them do chicken things like scratch and take mini dust baths when they're in their pen (also the grown-up chook pen at night; during the day they free-range around the yard). The chicks love to do flying hops around the place and are really boisterous. Mabel and Emily (the two hens we already had) won't know what hit them when these guys are big enough to stay outside full-time.

It must be really itchy growing all those new feathers :P

Anyway, I hope Wednesday didn't suffer too much. :(

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