Sunday, July 15, 2007

Back to knitting

For this blog, at any rate. I am finding that blogging about Lulu is quite helpful in sorting out feelings and documenting accomplishments (two last night, yay!), so I've started another blog called "Adventures with Lulu" if you would like to follow the amazing monkey's courageous journey!

Back to knitting...

I haven't really done much "work" knitting lately, I tend to take comfort in knitting things for my family when life is a bit tough. Marihone is progressing along nicely. I knit about seven rounds of fair-isle before deciding that yes I am a tight knitter and yes I do have to go up a needle size! So I started again with 2.50mm and 3.00mm needles. Will have to work on it a bit more before showing pics of Marihone. My Jaywalker socks (two posts back) are almost to the toe. Magic looping two at a time rocks!

This is a FO I will be embellishing tonight:Toddler (extra large) size CurlyPickyPants in Athena BFL, "Kokoda" colourway. Really reminds me of colours of the Aussie bush so I have an Australian animal (no other clues yet) charted out and ready to go. The tangle of yarn you see next to the pants are handdyed 12ply for the embellishment. Looking from the colours there (various shades of grey, very light tan, tanbark brown and a touch of blush pink... I also have some green but it doesn't contrast enough with the pants so I'm going to have to dye up some more) you might guess a koala, but nope it's not a koala! This will be an instock on Ozebaby.

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