Friday, July 27, 2007

The past week

We said "goodbye, see you later OK monkey" to Lulu this week -- she is now frolicking on all fours with Althalus, a cat she knew her puppyhood who eventually ran away and was never seen of again. Hope she had a good journey over that Rainbow Bridge! xoxo

My feelings are still really raw and well, private, so I've turned the other blog into a private diary.

They say that hard work chases away the grief even temporarily, so I've been trying to throw myself into it. Sometimes it just doesn't work and I just have to deal with it, spend some time with Matilda and Roy and come back to it later. The hard work bit comes in the next blog post.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately, nothing non-fiction no way (even when I've read everything in the house and am way overdue for a library visit, and desperate for a book to read while knitting). The aim here is to escape, so I've been getting stuck into some fantasy novels. Most are from the Junior/Young Adult section. Right now it's a book by Terry Prachett about some nomes (gnomes) who live entirely within an old department store and do not believe there is an Outside until the store is demolished.

It's quite a nice read, but pales in comparison to the one I read before that -- Magyk: Book 1 Septimus Heap trilogy by Angie Sage. It was the perfect size, about 15x15cm square and oh such a pleasure to read. I was really really sad when it ended-- as you get when you finish a great book -- but I'm very much looking forward to the sequel, Flyte.

Nothing compares with knitting while reading at the same time. Sometimes if there's a mindless show on TV that gets done too. I feel like I'm wasting my time if I just watch TV, or just read (unless it's a fantastic book like Magyk), or just knit.

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