Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm in Marr Haven HEAVEN!!

After spending the last few days in bed with the flu, I was so cheered up by today's postie delivery!!

4 cones and 6 skeins of the most luscious, elastic, minimally processed, chemical-free mule-spun Merino-Rambouillet wool. NO carbonising, no bleaching, and only water, soap and salt used in scouring (cleaning) the wool. Results in softer yarn and plenty of lanolin retained (smells so divinely sheepish too). They don't pay for organic certification but the wool and processes are 100% chemical free... Read about all this here: National Organic Program

I could go on and on but you can read about it here: Marr Haven

And here's a review of the yarn on Knitter's Review.

This is something I've been keeping a shhh-ecret since I tried a sample skein a few months ago. But now the shipment is here I can shout it to the rooftops LOL!!

I know what I'll be doing tonight -- petting wool! I am so very very happy and will be doing my happy wool dance for a while yet ;) Baa! Baaaaaa!!!!

Available soon on Ozebaby (once I take out the "Matilda tax" and some for my own personal stash LMAO). This yarn is fantastic for soakers. And AFAIK it's not available anywhere else in Australia.


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